Sonority UK


This is a special edition for accordionists and organists and includes the SONORITY Classic PLUS the following…

100 Accordions – French, German, Italian and more accordions and melodeons

100 Organs – Blackpool theatre, Hammond and German organs

Celtic sounds – Scottish and Irish accordions and melodeons, Scottish and Irish bagpipes, whistles, fiddles and bodhran loops

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SoundexpanderTwo of the 4 GB of integrated flash memory in V3 SONORITY are loaded with the standard 128 sounds in the general MIDI soundbank. These GM sounds set a new standard of tone quality, both in the number of samples and in their length and quality. As if that wasn’t enough, the V3 SONORITY also includes drumkits with up to 10 dynamic settings per sound.

Many of the sound programs run on Round Robin technology. When a key is pressed more than once, the available samples are automatically switched out in order to bring the music to life – not just for single tones, but also when playing whole MIDI files.

The GM bank’s special feature is the variation sounds, made specifically for soloists. Along with a great variety of e-pianos, you will also find a Vienna grand in stereo with 7 dynamic settings and a 300 MB memory requirement. The “slide-up” samples can be activated by a hard hit to a key, which enable you to convincingly play string and wind instruments on your keyboard. Your play gets a pinch of extra spice with string and fretboard sounds that are called up randomly when you let go of a key (note off). Flat, dull general MIDI sounds are so yesterday.

CLASSIC | Strings

The orchestra instruments are intricately programmed and available in a wide variety – from a complete symphony orchestra (full strings) and chamber music ensembles to string ensembles with 14 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos and 6 double basses. All the string instruments can be played in solo versions also, as well as in the most well-known effects, such as legato, marcato, détaché, pizzicato and bow tremolo.

For all string sounds, hitting the key hard also creates a hard bow sound on the virtual string. Round Robin technology is employed with strings also, resulting in the automatic switch between up and down bowing. This technology really stands out in détaché play. Note-off samples create natural tone fades, perfectly capturing the way resonance in string instruments can be heard for a long time after a note is played, softening the flow of the melody.


sound modulThe V3 SONORITY & CLASSIC soundbank includes basically all orchestral wind instruments. You will find trumpets, trombones, tubas, horns, clarinets, and flutes in solo versions as well as ensembles and in a variety of articulations, such as marcato, sforzato and staccato.

The Round Robin function plays a critical role here also, since 16th-note passages would not sound natural without it. Other instruments in this group include tenor horn, English horn, oboe, bassoon and contrabassoon.



CLASSIC | Percussion

Over the years, the tasks of classical percussionists have become more complex and challenging. Today, up to 5 percussionists work together as a team in large orchestras.

In V3 SONORITY & CLASSIC, you will find the necessary tools – from the small drum to the timpani, from the gong to the cymbals, from the xylophone to the marimbaphone, from the triangle to the tubular bells. Not even the celesta is missing, where steel plates are hit with felt hammers through a keyboard.

You will find whatever you need to set rhythmic accents to the sounds of an orchestra – in groundbreaking quality and enormous variations – like lightning-fast drum rolls.

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