The versatile Midi router/controller for accordion.

It has been set up to control the V3 Triangle sound module and comes with many presets to simply call up and play.


40 Scenes(folders) – each scene contains 30 performances( registrations/patches )

Each performance has 8 maps( or parts )

Basically the presets are set up as 2 Treble, 2 Bass, 2 Chords and 2 percussion(bass and chords)


2 Midi IN and 2 Midi OUT sockets with a Midi IN/OUT USB connector

Touchscreen for control and editing

Footswitch for changing performances…can be set to jump to NEXT or a specific performance

Functionality to turn a bellow sensor accordion into a dynamic Piano.

Set the low note for bass and chords

Assign percussion to bass and chords

Ability to map midi controllers

Standard sound parameters

Save, copy, paste, insert and delete. Also back up of your files/settings to USB