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Pocket-sized piano power

The V3 GRAND PIANO is the latest in piano modeling technology with 3 GB flash memory, bringing you the sounds of the best concert grands and legendary vintage keyboards.

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Do you need amazing piano sounds for live concerts, your home studio, playing at home or on the road? Are you looking for the perfect piano for your controller keyboard or MIDI accordion? The V3 GRAND PIANO is the most compact answer imaginable for any of those needs. It is a sound module in a housing smaller than your mouse pad.
The V3 GRAND PIANO lets you dive into a world of piano sounds where only you set the limits of what can be played, using samples of flagship concert grands from famous manufacturers in Vienna (Imperial 290) and Hamburg (Model D). These sounds are available in up to 10 dynamic settings, including string resonance and half-pedal functions. The 256-voice polyphony easily handles sound generation for sophisticated and challenging piano pieces.
Sounds of half acoustic pianos (CP70 Electric Grand) and e-pianos such as Mark I, A200 or D6 are also included. Drawbar organs with tonewheel effects, pipe and theatre organs, string ensembles in stereo, synth pads, and electric and acoustic bass round out the sound offerings of this module. The integrated reverb effect simulates the acoustical ambiance of a mid-sized concert hall. You can adjust the intensity by turning the knob on the housing that is specifically for reverb. This allows you to use reverb universally, wherever you need it. The second knob regulates the output volume. Yes, really. The V3 GRAND PIANO is that simple.

Photo Piano

Quick Guide: Piano Modeling Parameters

String Resonance (pedal down)
When you press the sustain pedal, the dampers move up and away from the strings to let them resonate freely. This function is supported by our new multi-layer algorithm.

Sympathetic Resonance
Sympathetic resonance is a harmonic phenomenon whereby a passive string begins to vibrate from the vibrations of other strings that are harmoniously related to it.

Note-Off Samples
The note-off samples used here vary between velocity and elapsed time. Immediately after a key is struck, other samples come into play, just as they do after a note held for three seconds.

Sustain Pedal Grabbing
When the sustain pedal is pressed again after being released, it reactivates or grabs the string resonance that is still there.

Half-pedal Function
Just like a real piano, the intensity of the sustain effect varies, depending on how far you press the pedal.

Pedal Noise
On-off samples create the typical pedal noise of an acoustic piano.