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V3 Desktop: New SD card content now online

NEW OS 1.60a for V3Desktop

LIMEX MIDI UK LTD has changed name and is now trading as ROY HENDRIE MUSIC LTD


Roy will be attending the NAAFC Accordion Festival on sat 7th March 2015.


Roy Hendrie Music

I am the UK Main dealer/distributor for V3Sound, Blue Line and HDM products and I work very closely with V3Sound to help develop and produce sounds and rhythms for the UK market.

I specialise on the accordion and the V3Desktop has been purposely designed for this market to produce to right sounds for many small niche markets, eg German/Austrian Traditional sounds, Swiss, Scottish and Celtic, French with many more to come.


V3 Sound

Limex1The V3 Desktop brings you the highest quality in sounds and innovative ideas like ARTIST SOUND to bring life and authenticity to your music. The operating system gives you greater control to vary, layer and add effects for your live playing.

The V3 Desktop operates with the main aim of being user friendly using only 3 footpedals to control sounds/styles and more importantly, to keep your hands on the accordion whilst playing.Read More about our V3 Desktop

BlueLine Midi

Professional Midi system with bellow sensor and key velocity(either by key or bellow control).

BlueLine Web Picture

HDM Microphones

High Quality Microphones attached using strong magnets for quick attachment and removal.

Can be used wirelessly or with cable

HDM100 Treble HDM100 Bass